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      World Map Tablecloth - Bushbells Charity
      This month we’re thrilled to have been able to support the Bushbells charity with some

      colour & learn world map tablecloths, placemats and extra pens!

       In 2009 Jax Comyn (old friend of Chrissie's), started Bushbells – a fantastic initiative supporting a small village school in Watamu, in Kenya, by selling fun, colourful kikoy textiles here in the UK as clothes, towels and accessories.

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      New Office!

      Redecorating the office and fun ideas with wall stickers
      There’s nothing quite like a good and thorough office sortout to clear the mind. Initially, there’s something incredibly easy and therapeutic about chucking the old, one-time important paperwork cluttering up your desk and the wires you’ve been keeping for so long that you've no idea what on earth they’re for!

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