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    Creative Gifts for Children That Are Much More Than Just Toys

    best gifts for families with kids

    It’s often impossibly difficult to think of good children’s gifts. What do they like? What are they in to? What haven’t they already got? Kids’ interests vary wildly and are constantly changing, making gift-giving a complete minefield! This also means there’s a lot of waste – unwanted gifts are a common occurrence - and, since childrens’ gifts are a lot of the time made from plastic, this throw-away, disposable attitude (albeit not necessarily the child’s fault) is seriously harmful to the environment. So what can you get that will last a long time, that’s not plastic, that’s useful, encourages creativity and, above all, that kids will love?!
    We’ve decided to round up our 8 best gift ideas for kids and the age ranges we know they work for.

    1)  world explorer bundle: world map duvet cover and world map pillowcase

    Everyone needs bedding – you really can’t go wrong here! But what’s more, this high-quality, 100% cotton bedding also doubles up as a fun and educational activity that will keep kids happily entertained for hours at a time. This lovely set looks beautiful both coloured-in and just as it is and it’s completely jam-packed full of interesting facts, features, icons, wild animals and exotic sea creatures for children to colour-in and discover with the enclosed set of wash-out pens. Whenever they’re ready, simply wash in the machine, the ink completely disappears, and it’s ready to be re-designed, re-coloured and re-customised – it’s endlessly fun and endlessly entertaining – a great gift for boys and girls that they’ll use and re-use again and again!

    Makes a great gift for boys and girls aged 5 - 12
    2)  doodle notebook pillowcase

    If you’re short of ideas for gifts for children, the doodle notebook pillowcase is a real saviour; it’s perfect for both boys and girls and great for all ages! This is an ideal gift to have up your sleeve, ready and waiting in the present drawer, as quite literally everyone loves it! The pillowcase features a notebook design on one side, a cool frame print on the other, and has a secret memo pad hidden away in the fold. Kids (or adults!) can colour-in, personalise, doodle and jot down notes and messages. Then, when it’s time for a different design or a clean ‘notepad’, just wash in the machine and it’s ready to go again!
    This is one of the best gifts for kids aged 5 – 105 (seriously!)
    3)  doodle frame placemat set of 4
    An ideal gift for families, people of all ages will enjoy the doodle frame placemat set. Helps keep everyone busy and happy at the dinner table while they wait for their food and it’s great fun, too. Let everyone create their own masterpieces and colour-in the frames, then just wash and start again! Perfect for using on the kids’ table at dinner or birthday parties.
    Perfect gift for children aged 4 and over (though big kids and adults love it, too!)

    best gifts for families with children
    4)  colour & learn world map backpack
    This backpack is not only super practical for kids’ school books, travel essentials, swimming or sports kit, it’s also great fun and educational and can keep children entertained for hours! The world map illustration is full of cool things for them to colour-in and learn about and they can find out more info about everything they’re colouring on our world map page here. This backpack doubles up as a highly educational gift and also a very useful, practical item.
    This is one of the best gifts for boys aged 7 and over but, of course, girls love it too!

    best gifts for kids aged 7

    5)  colour & learn world map tablecloth

    The best fun at family dinners or kids’ birthday parties, the world map tablecloth features our iconic, hand drawn illustration of the world and all its treasures printed on high quality cotton fabric. The tablecloth comes with a set of ten wash-out markers for all your colouring, doodles and customisations. All of the ink then completely disappears on a warm machine wash, ready for the next fun gathering!
    Makes one of the best gifts for families with children of any age!best family gifts
    6)  doodle designer accessory bag
    One of our favourite gifts for girls, the doodle designer accessory bag pleases everyone from kids to tweens, teens and even adults. The gorgeous trompe l’oeil design gives scope for both colouring-in and decorating and also designing yourself from scratch and, as all the ink washes off in the machine, you can keep up with all of the latest trends and designs – this is one accessory case that will never go out of style! It’s also very practical - ideal for holding all sorts but especially great for fashion and beauty accessories.
    One of the best gifts for girls aged 6 and up.

    best gifts for girls 2018
    7)  colour & learn dinosaur pencil case
    If you’re looking for the best back to school gift, look no further than the colour & learn dinosaur pencil case! It’s packed full of fun and adventure and there’s lots to learn about, too! Kids can visit our dinosaur resource page here and find out all about the different dinosaurs and how they lived. At the end of term, or whenever kids are ready for a new design, simply wash in the machine, the ink totally washes out, and it’s ready to be re-coloured and re-customised!
    A very cool gift for kids aged 7 up.

    fun dinosaur gifts for kids
    8)  doodle wash-out pen set
    These make great gifts for kids of all ages and are super versatile, too! Our doodle wash-out pens work great on both paper and fabric and are ideal for young children as there’s no mess or fuss. If young’uns get ink on their clothes, or worse, on yours, it’s no trouble – it all completely disappears on a warm machine wash. The same goes for cushion covers, curtains and tablecloths – the ink comes out of all machine washable textiles. And if you’re out and about and on the go it even comes off with just a dab of water and a bit of a scrub. 

    While our wash-out pens are a super practical gift for young children, they’re also great fun for older kids; although they’re designed for using on eatsleepdoodle gifts, they can also be used to colour-in and draw-on t-shirts, sweatshirts and banners! Perfect for creating custom designs for special occasions and great fun at parties! Our pens make inexpensive, cool gifts for kids of all ages.

    This is a perfect, unique gift for kids of any age.

    best fabric pens

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    World Map Tablecloth - Bushbells Charity
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