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      News — doodle

      It's time to encourage confidence in creativity...

      It's time to encourage confidence in creativity...
      Expressing design ideas is the best fun.  Yet it’s something we often shy away from for fear of being judged (Instagram take a bow!) or just because we don’t feel we are ‘good enough’ or have the practical skills needed for drawing, making, writing or whatever it is we are actually longing to do.

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      Let’s get Pompidoodling as eatsleepdoodle’s first museum-bespoke product launches at the Pompidou Centre.

      eatsleepdoodle unique textile products are designed to inspire folks to get creative and enjoy drawing, designing, colouring-in and doodling – so it was a natural extension that eatsleepdoodle should start developing bespoke doodle products for some of the world’s great houses of inspiration and creativity – museums and galleries.

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      bake off is back, and what better way to celebrate than with doodle gifts for foodies

      Get your junior bake off going with a bang with the delicious eatsleepdoodle apron for kids. It looks like a giant notepad and multi-tasks as a recipe book or jotter for junior chefs as well as being a super-efficient cotton apron. Best of all, use the enclosed doodle wash-out pens and wash at 40 degrees for a fresh start or a new doodle dish of the day!

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